Exerneum Resources Limited | About Us
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About Us

Business Model

Our Business Model

Our business model is designed to create total value and optimum benefits for our shareholders and society, leveraging on creative and innovative solutions to convert available opportunities across the natural resources value cycle.

  • 01 Source

    We source for opportunities for natural resources

  • 02 Acquire

    We acquire natural resources fields & assets whenever a viable opportunity is identified

  • 03 Explore

    We explore acquired natural resources fields and assets to ensure optimization

  • 04 Develop

    We develop acquired natural resources fields and assets

  • 05 Production

    We build facilities to produce natural resources

  • 06 Refining

    Produced natural resources is refined to meet the need of the end user & international standard specifications

  • 07 Marketing

    Systems and processes are designed to ensure that products get to the end user as at when needed and wherever it is needed.

  • 08 Stake Holder & Society Benefits

    Our mission is achieved when business opportunity results into the benefits of our stakeholders and society.